Gosling Research Institute for Plant Preservation
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Our Team

Board of Directors & Advisory Board

Susan Gosling

Science Director, Gosling Foundation

Susan has a background in plant science and is currently one of Nature Canada’s “Women for Nature”. She inspired the formation of the Gosling Research Institute for Plant Preservation.

Dr. Philip R. Gosling 

Chair, Board of Directors, Gosling Foundation

Philip is a successful entrepreneur and avid naturalist who created the Gosling Foundation to enhance the appreciation and protection of nature.

Dr. J. Alan Sullivan

Professor, University of Guelph

Alan specializes in the breeding, genetics, physiology, and management of plant species that are native to Canada and capable of thriving on environments with low resource inputs.


Dr. Praveen Saxena

Professor, University of Guelph

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Research Scientist & Curator GRIPP

Dr. Mukund Shukla


Research Team

Robert Nichols 

Lab Manager

Contact: rnichols@uoguelph.ca

Dr. Murali Ayyanath

Research Associate

Contact: ayyanath@uoguelph.ca

Dr. Wenlu Bi

Research Associate

Contact: wenlubi@uoguelph.ca

Dr. Alok Goel

Research Associate

Contact: alok@uoguelph.ca

Dr. Kai Zhang 

Postdoctoral Fellow

Contact: kzhang19@uoguelph.ca

Dr. Yasmine Hezema

Postdoctoral Fellow

Contact: yhezema@uoguelph.ca

Jerrin Victor 

PhD Student

Contact: jvictor@uoguelph.ca

Anna Wadja

MSc Student

Contact: awajda@uoguelph.ca

Vanessa Vongnhay

MSc Student

Contact: vvongnhay@uoguelph.ca

Shuping Li 


Contact: sli02@uoguelph.ca

Lisa Weber


Contact: lweber05@uoguelph.ca

Adriane Duarte Coelho

PhD Visiting Researcher

Contact: aduartec@uoguelph.ca

Past Team Members (2012 – 2022)

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Brandon Yep

Devanshi Shukla

Kalina Ramsahoi

Kalisa Ramsahoi

Sheng An

MSc Students

Abhishek Chattopadhyay

Ahmed Salama

Akansha Saxena

Annaliese Kibler

Bita Sheikholeslami

James Nicholson

Jyoti Latawa

Ricki Rathwell

Zhuoya Liu

PhD Students

Amritpal Singh

Lauren Erland

Yasmine Hezema

Postdoctoral Fellows

Adel Zarei

Amandeep Kaur Dhaliwal

Christina Turi

Elena Popova

Esther Uchendu

Jose Freixas Coutin

Manuel Cabrera

Murali Mohan Ayyanath

Priya Padmanabhan

Ravindra Malabadi

Sherif Sherif M.

Vikramjit Bajwa

Technical Staff

Abbey Schebesch

Alida Grohs

Amelie Giroux Charette

Chance Weaver

Gadab Biswas

Lata Sharma

Louis Gasparini

Mihaela Stanescu

Natalia Migdal

Neeta Mathur

Scott Belton

Visiting Scientists/Students

Alexandra Orlova (Visiting MSc Student)

Karen Carstensen (Visiting Student)

Katherine Melissa Arguedas Murillo (Visiting PhD Student)

Marcia Monreal (Visiting Scientist)

Xuxu Yang (Visiting MSc Student)

Yanelis Castilla Valdes (Visiting MSc Student)